Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Anthem Law Attorneys wants to make sure our clients and their families are fully protected. We typically recommend our clients execute Simple Wills, Business & Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and, when appropriate, Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney, Beneficiary Deeds and/or Trusts. We can develop and administer these documents for you. Whether your potential estate needs are simple or complex, our attorneys handle each plan with integrity and practices good communication with their clients.

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An estate plan can serve many purposes. Setting up your estate plan allows you to: protect your minor children by nominating a guardian; choose the beneficiaries of your assets; nominate a relative or friend to make difficult medical decisions for you; nominate a relative or friend to carry out financial transactions for you; protect you from undesired third party influence when you are in a vulnerable state; avoid probate or reduce administration costs; ensure your wishes are followed for end of life decisions; protect yourself and your family members interests and wishes, and more.

Anthem Law is dedicated to ensuring our clients and their families are fully protected through personalized estate planning solutions and affordable legal services.

For our estate planning clients, we also draft estate planning documents for a reasonable fee. During the initial consultation an attorney will sit down with you and discuss your goals for your future, and the best way to achieve those goals. We explain each document to you, and how each document affects you and your loved ones. Typically, once you’ve decided upon certain documents, we draft them within a week, and then we’ll provide them for you to review, ask questions, and propose changes. Once you understand and agree to the information in your documents, we then provide witness and notary services (for no additional fee) to make sure the documents are executed properly according to the laws of the State of Arizona.

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