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Small business LLCs are our specialty. The businesses that we work with are generally solo LLCs, husband-and-wife teams, or companies with only a few owners. Our firm prides itself on our work with mom-and-pop businesses, and while we don’t focus on publicly-traded businesses, we do work with some larger businesses that have dozens of employees.

What Type Of Services Do You Help These Small Businesses With?

Most commonly, our firm works with folks who want to start a business and are looking for help through the process of forming an LLC.

We offer counsel throughout the LLC process, in acquiring an EIN (Employer Identification Number), and DBAs (“doing business as”) when needed.

Aside from these services, we can assist in forming operating agreements and board meeting notes, which are called an “action in writing”. These are the first services that most prospective entrepreneurs will need.

We also help business owners who have an up and running LLC. The most common area of concern for these clients is contract review. These are contracts between business owners and vendors, suppliers, employees, the public, and more.

For example. we recently had a client who ran a plumbing company. They needed to draft a contract that they would use for their customers when leasing a water softening system. They were unsure of where to start, and our firm was able to help them create a contract and ensure that all contingencies were accounted for.

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