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If you sell your home or other property for less than the balance owed on your loan, that is called a short sale. Doing so can be a complicated process, and require a series of releases and agreements with your lender. If your bank agrees to take less than they are owed on your house, it is important to work with an experienced attorney to make sure that you are protected from future legal action or unexpected expenses.

At Anthem Law, we help homeowners protect themselves and process a smooth transaction when working with short sales. Our attorneys are highly experienced and focused on working closely with clients to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge you need.

Making Sure You Are Covered

The challenges of the housing market are well documented, and many homeowners who made a wise investment only a few years ago find themselves with property worth thousands of dollars less than what they owe. Many lenders also find themselves in challenging situations with foreclosures and little recourse to recover loss through Arizona’s anti-deficiency statutes.

For many people, the best option is a short sale that allows the mortgage company to recoup some value and the owner to get out from under burdensome payments and debt.

Our lawyers can help you negotiate for and proceed with a short sale. We will make sure you get the releases you need, and that you and your family are insulated from future litigation from your mortgage company. The laws regarding short sales and anti-deficiency can be complex. Make sure you have representation on your side you can trust.

Working With Phoenix Area Families Since 2002

With the resources and knowledge you expect from a high profile, downtown law office and the commitment to customer support you rely on from a smaller firm, our attorneys at Anthem Law provide reliable, experienced and client focused service. Rely on us when you need an attorney to help you handle a property short sale.

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