Chapter 13: A Repayment Plan Built Around Your Needs

Many of our bankruptcy clients want to repay their unsecured debts, medical expenses, credit cards or personal loans, but the interest or the payments have simply outstripped their income. For these clients, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often a good solution that gives you the strength to negotiate better terms while committing to your debt obligations.

At Anthem Law, we work with people of all income brackets and professions who have suffered serious financial challenges. Our attorneys help you evaluate your current financial health and take advantage of the tools available through bankruptcy protection to get your finances back on track.

Pay Back What You Can — Protect Your Family and Home

When you are considering your options under bankruptcy protection, make sure you have a lawyer handling your case that you trust for experienced and informed advice. Our office takes pride in helping families and individuals find a pathway to a better financial tomorrow.

When exploring your options, you have numerous reasons to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy, such as:

  • You don’t meet the Chapter 7 means test
  • You are behind in house payments and want to stop foreclosure
  • You want to strip off your second mortgage — lien stripping
  • You want to “cram down” a car or other secured debt so you can pay the fair market value
  • You have a lot of assets that aren’t exempt that you don’t want to lose in Chapter 7

We will sit down with you, review your current situation, and help you find the right solution to match your need, your means and your financial health. Our goal is to help you build a pathway to a reliable and manageable financial future, whether through the debt elimination options of Chapter 7 or the reorganization structures of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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