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Anthem Law offers experienced legal counsel and representation for clients who understand that contracts are a part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, individuals, professionals, and business owners often enter into contracts without a necessary understanding of the liability and responsibility they accept when they sign. Before you sign a contract, or ask someone else to sign one, be sure of where all the liabilities lay.

Not everyone who writes or signs a contract is a contract law attorney, nor should you have to be. At Anthem Law, our Arizona contract law attorneys will draft contracts that are legally binding for all parties, and we will thoroughly read through and explain – in terms you can understand – what the provisions of a contract mean, before you sign.

Contact our offices to discuss your contract law needs. Contracts are an important aspect of everyday living and much care should be given when entering into a contractual relationship. At Anthem Law, we take contracts seriously and provide contractual services to ensure that the contracts and binding agreements you enter are suitable for your business or personal needs.

We provide the following contract law services and representation:

  • Reviewing, drafting contracts, amending contracts
  • Negotiating purchase agreements, leases
  • Civil contract dispute litigation
  • E-commerce contracts
  • Business contracts litigation
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employment law contracts

What are the Basics of a Legal Business Contract? How do you know whether you have entered into a binding contract?

A business contract is most easily defined as any legally enforceable agreement between parties, which results in an obligation to perform a service, provide a product, or otherwise do something for an agreed-upon exchange. Contracts generally contain these essential components:

All parties are of age and are competent to enter into a legal agreement. A mentally disabled person could not be held legally bound to fulfill the provisions of a contract s/he may have signed. Youth under the age of eighteen years may enter into legal contracts, but can often have them declared void before reaching legal age for their state of residence.

All parties must agree to the provisions of the contract. To be a legally binding contract, all parties promise to meet all provisions stipulated in the agreement. Contracts do not have to be signed agreements. A verbal promise by all relevant parties may meet the definition of a legally binding contract.

Anthem Law will work with you to ensure that every contract you enter adequately protects your interests and meets your needs. Contact our Arizona contract law offices to schedule a consultation about your contract law issues.

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What Are The Elements OF A Valid Contract That You Would Put Together?

There are a few key elements necessary for a valid and protected contract. It’s not uncommon for our clients to be business owners in a contract dispute which stems from these key elements missing from the drafting process. These elements are terms that are critical to a valid contract and that can help immensely in making these documents understandable and enforceable. Read More

Who Do You Represent In Employment Law Matters?

Our firm focuses on employment contract issues. These are matters in which clients work with us to determine their rights concerning employment contracts and agreements. We are not available to represent or advise clients on tort matters which may include issues relating to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, etc. These cases are ruled by statutes that are on the cutting-edge of law and are frequently evolving, so we refer them to attorneys who are employment law specialists. Read More

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