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construction dispute law Construction Lawyers Help At Every Stage Of Your Arizona Construction Project

Whether you are a corporation looking to break ground on a new construction project, an individual struggling with your home improvement needs, or a contractor being pursued for a defect you may not have had anything to do with, having the help of expert construction law attorneys is essential.

Our construction law attorneys will help you navigate the negotiations, contracts, regulations, and financial interactions that are as much a part of a successful construction project as concrete and rebar. Best of all, we can intervene to help solve your legal needs at any step of the construction process, from the very beginning to the bitter end in court. 

Construction Law Services Lay Sound Foundations For Your Project 

Construction projects, large or small, require a sound legal foundation to succeed. Given the large amounts of money (and debt) often involved in every project, regardless of whether you are the builder, architect, supplier, contractor, bank, insurance provider, or the company or individual launching the project, you will want to break ground with the assurance that everything is in perfect order. This will allow you to begin work free from stress and anxiety, which is what we at Anthem Law always strive to ensure. 

Anthew Law’s construction lawyers are legal experts with local experience who have worked for decades with Arizona families, businesses, and companies in the Anthem area and beyond. Whether your project is a real estate or commercial endeavor, our attorneys will ensure it has a sound legal foundation, and be able to intervene should any disputes arise during the project. 

A Lawyer To Resolve Every Construction Dispute Along The Way

Given the size, scope, and complexity of even the smallest construction projects, it is no surprise that disputes inevitably arise. These might be arguments over deadlines, contractual obligations, materials, costs, results, or any number of disputes between the various parties all simultaneously working on every construction endeavor.

Our construction dispute lawyers will always try to resolve these disputes amicably for you through mediation or negotiation, as you likely will have to continue working together on the project. But when necessary we are equally adept at fighting to represent your case in court should alternative arrangements prove unsatisfactory. 

But not every problem emerges during the construction process, some are only detected years later. 

construction defect Arizona Construction Defect Attorneys Fight For Your Rights

Given the complexities of each construction project, and the number of individuals and companies sometimes involved, when a flaw or defect is detected (even years later) there can be quite the legal fallout.

If you have found a flaw in a building that has been recently built or renovated or detected a flaw in one that you have recently purchased or moved into, our construction defect attorneys can help you identify what your rights might be, and how best to pursue them.

If you are a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or architect and you are being blamed for or pursued legally for a defect in a construction project you were involved in, you also deserve the full protection of the law. Our construction defect attorneys will be able to investigate, negotiate, and, if needed, represent you in court to minimize any possible negative impact on your business, finances, or reputation. 

Get The Legal Support Your Construction Project Deserves With Anthem Law

From start to finish, our construction law attorneys will be able to provide all the legal services your construction project requires. Anthem Law is proud to represent Arizona businesses and homeowners throughout the region, and our construction law attorneys are available for initial consultations should you be embarking on a new construction project or need help with any other aspect of Arizona construction law.

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