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“Great service and very reasonable fees at Anthem Law.”Yvonne D.

“Excellent service. The wealth of knowledge and versatility is unmatched! From business assistance, like setting up an LLC, to family law, to estate planning. Over the years I have relied on them for my legal needs. I strongly recommend Anthem Law!”Frankie R.

“Anthem Law is a wonderful resource that truly cares for the Anthem community. In addition to being an excellent attorney, Sam Crump is active in several community organizations, lending his expertise and insight. In working with Sam I not only appreciate his dedication to his company but also his friendship. I highly recommend Anthem Law.”Jennifer

“I highly recommend Sam at Anthem Law to help you with your legal business needs. Sam is involved with so much in our community and is truly invested in the needs and interests of his clients. Sam has been in the business for many years and having someone extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to, is very reassuring.”Tawn S.

“Nichole Oblinger is extremely professional and prompt to respond, something incredibly important. I recommend her to anyone who needs legal counsel. She is very knowledgeable and provides realistic guidance, no empty promises. Excellent results.”Valeria L.

“I have had the opportunity now to work with Craig Boates and his team multiple times, both personally and professionally, and I could not be more impressed with his ability or knowledge of the legal profession. Personally, I sought out an attorney who I truly felt was working in my best interest, as opposed to billable hours and settlements, and after one meeting with Craig, I knew I had found the right one. He takes the time to fully explain every option and recommendation that he provides, so that both you and he know that you are comfortable with making your decisions. In our meetings, he is relaxed and purposeful, but his demeanor and approach quickly changes when he enters negotiations or the courtroom. I would definitely recommend Craig Boates and the Boates Law Firm to anyone looking for an honest and fulfilling experience with their legal issues.”Rhalleran

“Sam Crump and I met while doing business together in the early 1990s in N CA. Coincidentally, several years later our families were independently planning moves to Arizona. As fate would have it, we both decided to move to Anthem which was, at the time, a new community with a very short history.

Being a self-starter and natural-born leader, Sam was instrumental in the establishment of the Anthem Rotary Club and served as its founding president. With Sam’s leadership and with the support of his board, the Anthem Rotary Club grew quickly and established itself as a reliable partner on numerous community projects.

Over the years I have relied on Sam’s counsel on both a personal and professional level. He has represented me on a number of business matters which all concluded with positive outcomes.

I have referred Sam to family members and friends over the years and have never regretted doing so.

If you are considering Anthem Law for legal services, I can, without reservation, recommend Sam and his team. You will be provided with honest legal representation that is transparent and a good value.”Daniel W.

“A big thank you to Sam Crump and his team. They have assisted me on multiple occasions including a legal consultation and writing up a business contract. They were very knowledgeable and the communication turnaround was wonderful. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family, and coming back with the need arises!”Tamra W.

“Every single person was helpful and I even got a follow-up email, with extra help. Highly recommended”Amy F.

“I am from out of state and was referred to Nichole Oblinger at Anthem Law when I needed assistance collecting on a judgment in my home state with a couple that had relocated to Arizona. Compared to other firms I had worked with, including my local attorney, I was amazed by the level of follow-up and communication Nichole and her paralegal provided through the entire process. Every call or email was responded to within 24 hours and we were kept advised of status every step of the way. Most importantly, we collected 100% of the judgment! For a reliable firm with outstanding professional follow up and communication, I highly recommend Nichole and Anthem Law.”Spike B.

“Very Honest! Very knowledgeable! Highly recommended! I use this business for all of my legal needs!”John S.

“Sam is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and caring! I would highly recommend him for any legal needs!”Mariah P.

“Excellent staff, knowledgeable and easy to work with. My company appreciates working together with Craig and his team!”Justin L.

“Great advice.”Dan N.

“Sam Crump is a client and a friend. While I have not engaged his legal services yet he is a consummate professional. I would feel comfortable recommending my family and friends to Anthem Law.”Sean W.

“Sam is more than just our family’s attorney, he is a trusted business advisor and friend. I could not recommend someone more than I do Sam. If you need an attorney with strong business acumen, a high level of integrity and a moral compass that is beyond reproach combined with a sharp legal mind, Sam is your guy!”Mike O’

“I have known Sam for over 30 years and have always admired his leadership qualities. We have worked together a number of times on projects large and small. His energy, intelligence, creativity and drive to succeed are truly impressive. Sam “gets the job done” and leads others in such a way that they believe there is no alternative but to accomplish their task. Furthermore, Sam knows just about everybody, is not afraid to talk to everybody else, and is quick learner who is uniquely able to grasp a situation and begin to contribute right away. I would heartily recommend Sam as a leader of any organization or department who needs a tough assignment done quickly and well.”Gary L.

“Sam is a personable, professional consultant, who assisted as a visionary for our organization’s annual fundraiser. Sam walked us through every step and helped us achieve great financial success through this event.”Christy W.

“I was honored to work with Sam. He is a man willing to stand up for what he believes and represents with integrity. It is an honor to recommend him.”Steve M.

“Sam is an extremely gregarious man who thrives on interacting with new people both professionally and personally, is passionate about his ideals, ethical and steadfast in his sense of right and wrong and possessed of a dry and pleasantly mordant sense of humor; all traits which mark him as a man well worthy of trust, esteem and friendship. I highly reccomend him.”Joseph M.

“I have known Sam Crump for over 30 years and have always admired him as a person of high integrity and boundless energy. He is a thought leader in everything he has ever taken on, from Student Body President in high school to his legal career in his 30s and state elective office in his 40s. Sam is a very persuasive speaker and a person of passion who brings people along to his side in any discussion. I would trust Sam more than any person I know to follow through on items of vital importance and am proud to recommend him to anybody as an advocate for important issues.”Gary L.

“Sam is fabulous to work with. He has good business instincts. He is also a great strategist, upbeat and honest.”Sheryl M.

“Sam’s energy and connections get things done.”Casidy W.

“It was a pleasure working with Sam. He is a consummate professional who gets the job done.”Matt B.

“I worked with Sam in making a difference as a
* Arizona Legislator
* Service organization Rotary
* Helped with the Arts Council of the North Valley fundraisers
* Served on the Pioneer Village Development Group to raise awareness
to help save this Arizona historical destination. I recommend him highly as effective organizer and a person that has the natural talent to motivate his collegues to attaining higher goals. I would endores him enthusiastically for a Principal and leadership position.”Larry E.

“Sam is an extreme professional with a high degree of personal and business ethics. Sam is always willing to listen and offer solid advice that you can utilize. I am very delighted to say that Sam has proven himself as someone I was able to rely on for my business needs.”Brian A.

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