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“Sam Crump and his team of professionals are amazing and have helped most of our immediate family members in AZ. I would happily refer this office to anyone seeking professional legal help.”Sam & Christy B.

“Sam is excellent. I wouldn’t go to anybody else as long as he is around. It would be short and to the point: I trust Sam 100%.”Donald D.

“The process was simple and straightforward.”Sally C.

“Excellent! I have referred friends to this office and told them my experience was excellent!!”Darci A.

“Co-operative. Attentive. Showed a sincere interest. We would use them again.”Robert W.

“Very helpful and have seen them a couple of times since then. I would definitely refer them.”Pamela L.

“Sam Crump was everything I wanted in a family lawyer. He helped us sort out the bewildering paperwork, answered all our questions, got all our ducks in a row, and took phone calls whenever we had a question or new issue. It’s good knowing his firm has our records so if we ever need anything, he can find it (which we sometimes cannot!). It was a good choice to go with Anthem. Depending on need, top recommendation (I also work with copyright, criminal defense and legislative attorneys). Your lawyer should satisfy your specific need, which Sam did.”Alan K.

“Excellent”Jerry G.

“He was great.”Banti B.

“We were very comfortable and felt Sam listened to us and also asked valid questions to fully understand our needs and wishes. We were very pleased with the services provided and have recommended him to some friends who also needed to take care of their wills.”Ralph D.

“Treated with respect and felt very comfortable with Attorneys and the staff. Highly recommend Anthem Law. Sam Crump and his staff are awesome.”J.C.

“Sam was great. He handled my trust and will and did everything I asked him to do. Very pleased and will continue using his services. He is honest, caring and has great insight and makes very good suggestions. I trust Sam.”Kenneth S.

“Absolutely amazing, professional and courteous.”Donna K.

“Very good and knowledgeable. Made requested changes to my will (with respect). No decision was necessary on the company’s part.”Mary M.

“Our experience with Anthem Law was exceptional. We felt very comfortable working with Anthem Law and will continue to do so. We highly recommend (and have recommended) Anthem Law to friends and relatives.”Mary A.

“I was comfortable meeting with him. I had several good referrals from family and friends.”Starr B.

“I was very happy with Sam. First, he took time to know me. He made recommendations that I have not even knew existed. I was completely comfortable with my decision to hire Sam and would do it again!

I have already referred Sam to a couple of friends. I have told them they would be happy with not only working with Sam but with his work and cost for the services.”Tami C.

“Excellent”Sally C.

“Very comfortable. Also, reassigning our property to daughter was done in a prompt and efficient manner. We have been very satisfied with our legal affairs and would highly recommend Mr. Crump.”John R.

“Our need was to have our previous trust, from another state, reviewed and updated to make sure we met Arizona State Laws. We were treated very well. Very Professionally, friendly, and promptly. We were made to feel very comfortable, the service was simple and straightforward. He took time to explain everything and just took care of what we needed done, without any fanfare. We definitely would recommend him to others and we would use him again.”Michael B.

“I am very pleased with the service provided by this Attorney.”Jennifer M.

“Mr. Crump took all the time I needed to explain my needs and wishes for my Will and Trust. Staff is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Mr. Crump and his Law Firm for your legal needs. I have recommended Anthem Law to friends, family and my Anthem neighbors. I know a few have used the firm and were happy with the service.”Bruce B.

“Treated very respectfully and professionally. Very happy with the service. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”Dawn J.

“Mr. Crump was very helpful as was Audrey. We would recommend them.”Catherine S.

“Respectable, explained things well, completed our case in a timely manner. Took care of business. Would use again should the need arise.”Anna K.

“Attorney Crump treated us with the utmost respect. We felt he was extremely professional and obviously experienced in regard to preparing wills and estate matters. We feel he was such a professional and we also felt that his costs were very much reasonable for the services rendered, plus he is a true gentleman.”Donna B.

“Created a living trust with professionalism, honesty and information vital for our family. I have referred this attorney many times to others because he can be trusted with vital information. He is friendly, knowledgeable and definitely well-educated.”Karen M.

“Mr. Crump treated me with respect. He did a great job, I feel very comfortable and trust his decisions. I will recommend him to anybody.”George S.

“Outstanding Sam made my wife and I feel very comfortable, respected our feelings and had a real understanding of the laws and our situation. I would Highly Recommend Anthem Law, answered all our questions and didn’t make us feel ignorant.”Mark A.

“Process was easy. Sam explained in deals steps needed and was friendly and kind.”Camille C.

“Extremely happy with the entire staff. Mr. Crump is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions in a manner that we could understand. Anthem Law is extremely efficient and well respected in the local Anthem community.”Richard F.

“Sam and Audrey treated us with respect and updated us with everything involved in our Trust and Will. I would recommend Sam and Anthem Law to all my friends and family. It was a friendly, professional and respectful experience.”Donald H.

“Sam was efficient and knowledgeable helping us set up our new business entity. I felt very comfortable dealing with Anthem Law and would not hesitate to use it again. I would highly recommend Anthem Law as a place to go for any legal needs.”Craig J.

“They did a quick and satisfactory job. We are well pleased.”Louis G.

“Completely satisfied.”Lee P.

“Highly recommend!”Russell M.

“Everyone I dealt with was familiar with my case and was able to walk me through this process with ease. It freed me up to deal with all of the other things going on at the same time. Complete peace of mind with sympathetic and friendly staff.”Debra V.

“Overall excellent service and follow up. I would recommend Anthem Law to anyone.”Michael S.

“I would recommend the office wholeheartedly. They are very prompt to answer your call. Issues are treated with respect and they are very cooperative.”Ann H.

“Very professional and friendly.”John S.

“Very knowledgeable, efficient.”Gary M.

“It was a very good decision!! I was treated with the respect I had hoped for. A wonderful experience and would highly recommend Anthem Law for all your legal needs!!”David V.

“They were very helpful and professional. I have recommended this practice because they take the time to work through your issues.”Laura F.

“I would say working with Anthem Law is like having a relative or close family friend working with you. I received great service from Anthem Law. I would highly recommend them.”Brad B.

“We were treated with respect. The attorney made us feel as if we were close friends and went to great lengths to ensure our needs and questions were answered. Very positive and honest, there to ensure our needs were totally met. I would highly recommend him!”Roger B.

“Treated with respect and our issue was handled quickly. Professional and friendly staff.”James B.

“Treated very well, received great information to shape our decision making, learned how AZ law applied to our matters, and yes we are working with the best attorney and office we could have hoped for. We have complete confidence in our attorney and the office maintaining confidentiality, while keeping us informed as our needs change. We have recommended your office to others.”John L.

“Sam did a fantastic job in handling our personal affairs. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthem Law to my family and friends.”Jeff

“We are very pleased with Anthem Law. Mr. Crump and the staff were very professional. The work on our behalf was excellent. We would definitely encourage our friends and family to consult Anthem Law for their legal needs. The firm has our highest recommendation.”Paul S.

“We were very satisfied with Mr. Crump’s service. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and personable.”Paul B.

“Best law group we have ever worked with. We have recommended them in the past.”Art M.

“We moved here from out of state and were very happy with the services we received at Anthem Law. Our experience was professional, friendly, and very helpful in getting things up to date for us in AZ.”M.C.

“Professional, personable, patient, clear, calming, friendly – Sam and all others at the office. Definite recommendation.”Rick C.

“Excellent”Deborah M.

“We were treated very well. Sam was very patient with all of our questions and handled our Family Trust and Wills with great care. I would recommend Sam to all of my family and friends. Very knowledgeable and thorough.”Hud R.

“Sam was very patient with listening to my concerns and confirmed his understanding of what I needed to accomplish. He was very thorough and responsive with his follow up items. Everything was completed ahead of schedule. I’m positive that I made an excellent decision seeking his guidance. Everyone in the office was genuinely personable and professional during the entire process. Questions were welcomed and promptly answered.”John K.

“Very well, I recommend your firm to friends and family.”Michael K.

“It was a very supportive environment and I would recommend their service to anyone looking for an attorney. I would let them know how helpful and efficient Sam and his associates were during my meeting.”Patricia L.

“I felt comfortable when I made a good decision in hiring Sam Crump. Highly recommend.”Glenn M.

“We were treated with the utmost care and respect. We have recommended Anthem Law to at least 20 people.”Robin S.

“Sam was great, we had two previous Family Trust done and this was by far the easiest and most thorough. I highly recommend Sam and the Anthem Law Team.”James B.

“Very knowledgeable, comfortable, respectful and professional. WELL DONE. Appreciated the recommendations for our situation.”William O.

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Got great service and very professional. Was able to answer all our questions. Highly recommend.”Patti A.

“We were very satisfied. We were represented in a professional manner and all of our paperwork was done on time.”James E.

“Outstanding”Robert O.

” I felt comfortable when I made a good decision in hiring Sam Crump. Highly recommend.”Don S.

“Sam is knowledgeable, thoughtful, responsive, and respectful. An excellent attorney whom I would engage again. I would highly recommend Sam without hesitation to both friends and family for estate planning legal services.”William K.

“Sam treated us professionally, efficiently with the utmost respect. No question…good decision. The fact that we have referred two families to this attorney speaks for itself.”Raymond B.

“Very well, always professional and responsive. Very thorough and complete, I felt very confident that the documents provided were what I needed.”Peter G.

“We will always use Sam Crump as our attorney…He is the consummate professional, knowledgeable and reasonable.”Craig C.

“Very good.”Eva B.

“Sam is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Nice quiet comfortable office and the staff was very helpful.”Anne G.

“I felt confident in Mr. Crump and his staff.”Janice W.

“We recommend you often, you did a great job with our trust and guided us through it which was very much appreciated.”Sharon Q.

“Great experience.”Robin O.

“Exceptionally well – Professional service with caring, personal touch. I highly recommend Anthem Law to anyone looking for sound legal advice. Highly ethical and professional.”Jack D.

“I felt my business was appreciated and valued, timely responses and great follow through, a rare quality these recent years. Don’t go anywhere else.”Peter W.

“Very knowledgeable. A little price–$350 just to make a small change to my will. I would recommend him and have already done so.”Janet H.

“We were very pleased with our attorney. He did treat us with respect and gave us good advice on setting up our wills and powers of attorney. We would definitely use him again. We would recommend him to family and friends. We were very happy with his services.”Martha B.

“I feel he was honest and I was treated great. I have referred many friends to Anthem Law.”Jennifer H.

“I was very comfortable in the friendly office and I am very happy with my choice. I would highly recommend Samuel Crump.”Marjorie L.

“We were treated professionally and respectfully at all times while working with everyone at Anthem Law. I would and have recommended Anthem Law to a number of my friends and family living here in Anthem.”John C.

“Interaction was excellent. It was perfect.”Bob M.

“We were treated very respectfully and were happy we used Sam Crump to update our trust/will. Very happy with the experience and would highly recommend Sam Crump.”Yvonne D.

“Positive, comfortable with my decision and treated with respect.”Debbie W.

“We were very clearly informed of choices and the things that needed to be changed due to moving to AZ. If needed in the future we would certainly be happy to work with and hire Sam Crump at Anthem Law.”Patricia B.

“We had a great experience with our consultations. Things were explained clearly. Paperwork was done in a timely manner at a reasonable price. We will certainly use them in the future. Stress free interaction and clear explanation. I certainly would recommend them based on our experience.”Thierry S.

“The entire process establishing requisite documents for a trust, POA, etc. was completed to perfection. Sam is adept an explanation to the uninitiated. The process was cordial and thorough. I would recommend Sam without hesitation and have done so.”Jan & Bill P.

“Very knowledgeable, service oriented and caring. We used Anthem Law for our will so no case updates were required. “Michael H.

“Sam was friendly, honest and explained things in layman’s terms. Sam is great to work with. He explains everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. I would very much recommend to friends and family.”Patti S.

“I did suggest a friend to contact Sam and she did.”Nancy S.

“Sam did a great job helping me to understand the legalese terms of a contract. This was the second time I have called upon the law firm of Sam Crump, so I guess you would say I’m a satisfied client.”Rita M.

“Great experience. With over 15 years as a client, the experience has been always positive and extremely helpful. Anthem Law is the best! I have referred family and clients and all are pleased with the outcome.”Judy B.

“We have always been more than pleased with the respect the firm gives to us as a client. We will always use Anthem Law for any needs that may arise. We always felt we were getting the best advice and they were there to help and guide us through our needs. We would highly recommend Anthem Law to all our family and friends.”Jim H.

“Sam and staff were very professional in preparing my trust which was somewhat complicated by a geographic issue on my part. He carefully explained my options and let me make the decisions that were best for me. I was very pleased with the result. Look no further than Sam’s law office to carefully listen to your specific legal questions, analyze and inform you of your options, and lead you to a professional outcome that is in your best interest.”Van T.

“We have 100% confidence in Anthem Law and would highly recommend their services. Great job and great people. We feel like we’re visiting old friends when we go to their office.”Michelle & John

” Excellent Meetings. Very Professional, Respectful with clear and concise information. Dealt with Mr. Sam Criump. Professional, Courteous, Good Listener, Fair and Honest. Excellent experience! Very pleased with the whole process. Highly recommend to anyone needing help with Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney etc.”Stephen K.

“Anthem Law referred me to a different attorney group as they don’t deal with immigration and employment based cases. My case was related to employment so it was transferred to a different attorney group. I would recommend Anthem Law even though I’ve not utilized their services.”Saketh D.

“Excellent! Would refer.”Susan

“Great service and very reasonable fees at Anthem Law.”Yvonne D.

“Excellent service. The wealth of knowledge and versatility is unmatched! From business assistance, like setting up an LLC, to family law, to estate planning. Over the years I have relied on them for my legal needs. I strongly recommend Anthem Law!”Frankie R.

“Anthem Law is a wonderful resource that truly cares for the Anthem community. In addition to being an excellent attorney, Sam Crump is active in several community organizations, lending his expertise and insight. In working with Sam I not only appreciate his dedication to his company but also his friendship. I highly recommend Anthem Law.”Jennifer

“I highly recommend Sam at Anthem Law to help you with your legal business needs. Sam is involved with so much in our community and is truly invested in the needs and interests of his clients. Sam has been in the business for many years and having someone extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to, is very reassuring.”Tawn S.

“Nichole Oblinger is extremely professional and prompt to respond, something incredibly important. I recommend her to anyone who needs legal counsel. She is very knowledgeable and provides realistic guidance, no empty promises. Excellent results.”Valeria L.

“Sam Crump and I met while doing business together in the early 1990s in N CA. Coincidentally, several years later our families were independently planning moves to Arizona. As fate would have it, we both decided to move to Anthem which was, at the time, a new community with a very short history.

Being a self-starter and natural-born leader, Sam was instrumental in the establishment of the Anthem Rotary Club and served as its founding president. With Sam’s leadership and with the support of his board, the Anthem Rotary Club grew quickly and established itself as a reliable partner on numerous community projects.

Over the years I have relied on Sam’s counsel on both a personal and professional level. He has represented me on a number of business matters which all concluded with positive outcomes.

I have referred Sam to family members and friends over the years and have never regretted doing so.

If you are considering Anthem Law for legal services, I can, without reservation, recommend Sam and his team. You will be provided with honest legal representation that is transparent and a good value.”Daniel W.

“A big thank you to Sam Crump and his team. They have assisted me on multiple occasions including a legal consultation and writing up a business contract. They were very knowledgeable and the communication turnaround was wonderful. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family, and coming back with the need arises!”Tamra W.

“Every single person was helpful and I even got a follow-up email, with extra help. Highly recommended”Amy F.

“I am from out of state and was referred to Nichole Oblinger at Anthem Law when I needed assistance collecting on a judgment in my home state with a couple that had relocated to Arizona. Compared to other firms I had worked with, including my local attorney, I was amazed by the level of follow-up and communication Nichole and her paralegal provided through the entire process. Every call or email was responded to within 24 hours and we were kept advised of status every step of the way. Most importantly, we collected 100% of the judgment! For a reliable firm with outstanding professional follow up and communication, I highly recommend Nichole and Anthem Law.”Spike B.

“Very Honest! Very knowledgeable! Highly recommended! I use this business for all of my legal needs!”John S.

“Sam is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and caring! I would highly recommend him for any legal needs!”Mariah P.

“Great advice.”Dan N.

“Sam Crump is a client and a friend. While I have not engaged his legal services yet he is a consummate professional. I would feel comfortable recommending my family and friends to Anthem Law.”Sean W.

“Sam is more than just our family’s attorney, he is a trusted business advisor and friend. I could not recommend someone more than I do Sam. If you need an attorney with strong business acumen, a high level of integrity and a moral compass that is beyond reproach combined with a sharp legal mind, Sam is your guy!”Mike O’

“I have known Sam for over 30 years and have always admired his leadership qualities. We have worked together a number of times on projects large and small. His energy, intelligence, creativity and drive to succeed are truly impressive. Sam “gets the job done” and leads others in such a way that they believe there is no alternative but to accomplish their task. Furthermore, Sam knows just about everybody, is not afraid to talk to everybody else, and is quick learner who is uniquely able to grasp a situation and begin to contribute right away. I would heartily recommend Sam as a leader of any organization or department who needs a tough assignment done quickly and well.”Gary L.

“Sam is a personable, professional consultant, who assisted as a visionary for our organization’s annual fundraiser. Sam walked us through every step and helped us achieve great financial success through this event.”Christy W.

“I was honored to work with Sam. He is a man willing to stand up for what he believes and represents with integrity. It is an honor to recommend him.”Steve M.

“Sam is an extremely gregarious man who thrives on interacting with new people both professionally and personally, is passionate about his ideals, ethical and steadfast in his sense of right and wrong and possessed of a dry and pleasantly mordant sense of humor; all traits which mark him as a man well worthy of trust, esteem and friendship. I highly reccomend him.”Joseph M.

“I have known Sam Crump for over 30 years and have always admired him as a person of high integrity and boundless energy. He is a thought leader in everything he has ever taken on, from Student Body President in high school to his legal career in his 30s and state elective office in his 40s. Sam is a very persuasive speaker and a person of passion who brings people along to his side in any discussion. I would trust Sam more than any person I know to follow through on items of vital importance and am proud to recommend him to anybody as an advocate for important issues.”Gary L.

“Sam is fabulous to work with. He has good business instincts. He is also a great strategist, upbeat and honest.”Sheryl M.

“Sam’s energy and connections get things done.”Casidy W.

“It was a pleasure working with Sam. He is a consummate professional who gets the job done.”Matt B.

“I worked with Sam in making a difference as a
* Arizona Legislator
* Service organization Rotary
* Helped with the Arts Council of the North Valley fundraisers
* Served on the Pioneer Village Development Group to raise awareness
to help save this Arizona historical destination. I recommend him highly as an effective organizer and a person that has the natural talent to motivate his colleagues to attaining higher goals. I would endorse him enthusiastically for a Principal and leadership position.”Larry E.

“Sam is an extremely professional with a high degree of personal and business ethics. Sam is always willing to listen and offer solid advice that you can utilize. I am very delighted to say that Sam has proven himself as someone I was able to rely on for my business needs.”Brian A.

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