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  • By: Samuel T. Crump, Sr.
  • Published: March 23, 2015
Child Support: Why You Need An Attorney

Child support can be both an emotional issue as well as a financial one. Now many people going through a divorce feel that the money paid for child support is really going to the custodial parent. However, in the eyes of the law, it isn’t considered to be a right for the parent, but a right for the child. It’s to be used for your child’s needs, maintenance and care; not to support the custodial parent’s lifestyle. Fortunately, a family law attorney can help you through the maze of these complicated issues.

How is child support figured out?

In most cases, the formula is simple when breaking down child support. The amount of support will depend on the amount of children you have against the amount of net income you earn. However, there are exceptions that can be affected by the needs of your child or children. And some states; like Florida, don’t start with a base support amount. There the amount is based on factors deemed by the judge to be in the best interest of your child or children. These factors could be the fact that your child or children have a medical, educational or psychological need; or if the child has a separate income such as SSI. The decision could also be based on whether you have an income that is earned on seasonal work. Or perhaps you’re self-employed, paid in cash or have stock options which are paid quarterly. These are all important factors when the judge is deciding on the amount child support to be paid.

How can a family law attorney help you?

You are not required by law to have an attorney for a child support agreement, and some couples going through a divorce don’t. However, it’s in your best interest that you have an attorney. This is because lawyers who deal in family law are familiar with both the way the law works and the rules of procedure dealing with this issue. Also, because child support issues can be confusing anyway, having an attorney well versed in the ins and outs will help you to ensure that you are not only paying your rightful share for your child or children, but that you aren’t being taken advantage of.

Child support issues are confusing enough without taking into consideration the emotional aspect of them. When you have a family law attorney on your side though, then you know that you have a person involved who understands these issues.

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