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  • By: Samuel T. Crump, Sr.
  • Published: June 18, 2015

A boat is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. People often save money for years to purchase the boat of their dreams. When they purchase the boat, they need to consider more than the purchase. It’s important to think about liability in case of a boat accident. Accidents are always a possibility and if someone is injured or someone’s property is destroyed, the boat owner may have significant financial liability. If the law determines that neglect is involved, the accident could easily bankrupt someone without proper insurance coverage and good legal representation.

Most boat accidents are caused by predictable situations. The United States Coast Guard monitors boating accidents and has identified common causes. Reckless and careless actions account for many accidents. These often involve alcohol or other substances that impair judgment. There is no question about liability when someone operates a boat while impaired. The person and/or the boat owner will be at fault.

Inexperience and lack of attention often lead to accidents. Some people believe that boating is simple and they can simply learn as they go. Nothing could be further from the truth. Boaters need training to handle boats appropriately and learn to manage difficult situations. Any number of things can happen on the water and a boat operator needs to be prepared. If you own a boat and don’t learn how to operate it properly, you could expose yourself to serious liability in the case of an accident. It’s critical that you understand basic safety issues when you operate your boat.

Passengers can cause accidents in many cases. If they are drinking or behaving recklessly, problems can develop quickly. It’s important to take passenger behavior seriously as boating accidents can be disastrous. A significant number of people die every year in preventable accidents. Although boating is considered a leisure activity, the operator and the lookout need to be attentive at all times. They can’t relax and simply assume that things will be fine.

Insurance firms offer boating insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t adequate in the case of an accident. A good boating policy will cover your liability in case of an accident. It will also help with the costs of repairing or replacing your boat.

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