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“I have known Sam for many years and respect him immensely. Sam is a consummate professional with infallible integrity. He always provides high-quality, dedicated legal representation for matters both large and small. I don’t hesitate to endorse Sam.”J. Oblinger, Business Attorney

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen in our leadership roles at Daisy Mountain Veterans, Inc. As I took over the helm of this group, Maureen has been instrumental as the Treasurer. I rely on her to ensure our finances are in order.

I was also impressed that Maureen took the initiative to improve our financial bookkeeping and reporting systems, which others had discussed for years but never did.”Maureen D.

“I am pleased to have known Dan for about ten years. He has an impressive background in the political arena and a keen sense of the landscape. I’ve noted his rise in politics recently and I am not surprised.”Dan G.

“I was honored to interact with Roger in various capacities when we were both residents of Anthem, Arizona. I’ve since moved back to Anthem and I miss having Roger’s energy and can-do attitude to call upon.”Roger D.

“I first met Mike many years ago when I was in the Arizona Legislature and he was just getting into the political consulting world. I made a couple introductions for him and I’ve been impressed with the success he has created for himself. He is a go-getter, which is critical in the world of politics.”Michael N.

“Gary Lentz is a natural leader. I’ve known him for over thirty years and I am continually impressed by his ability to connect with people, initiate and execute on projects and, most importantly, deliver results. He is respected for his business insight. More than one person has commented to me that Gary he must have a twin as he is seen everywhere in the community.”Gary L.

“I have been pleased to be able to work with Christy over the last few years. She is dedicated and achieves results. I’ve been especially impressed how she takes suggestions and runs with them, producing results beyond all expectations.”Christy W.

“I’ve known Roger for about 10 years. He is a go-getter who is able to manage people and projects. While I was a client of his when he was an insurance agent, I also knew him as a community leader who worked tirelessly on projects for schools and beyond.”Roger D.

“I am pleased to recommend Joe McGurk as an attorney. I had the privilege of working with him for several years and know him to be an experienced, ethical and thorough attorney.”Joseph M.

“It has been my pleasure to know Matt Bracy for over ten years. I was honored to provide services to him in the legal and government relations areas several years ago. He is a respected attorney and professional.”Matt B.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Larry Evans on many community projects. He is liked and respected by his peers and always gets the job done.”Larry E.

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