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The following articles were written by the attorneys at Anthem Law for local publications in the Phoenix North Valley area. They are intended to provide general legal advice, but should not be relied upon for your specific circumstances. If you have specific questions about any of the topics below please contact our office.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Why consider Mediation?

Divorce Mediation FAQ

Arbitration Basics

Bankruptcy Articles

How to prepare for Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Overview

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This article will highlight some basic information on Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics

This article will highlight some basic information on the bankruptcy basics.

An Overview of Chaper 13 Bankruptcy

Business Law Articles

Anthem Law Business Profile from 85086 Magazine

Sexual Harassment Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions about sexual harassment in the workplace

New Year’s Resolutions for your Small Business

Six steps you can take to improve your business.

Lifting the Veil on Owner Liability

Information on ways to protect your personal assets from your business’ liabilities.

Kids & Employment in Arizona

The role of children in the workplace has been a constant source of regulation and policy.

Employer Sanctions Law

As the New Year is now upon us many new laws have gone into effect.

Corporate Minutes

Information on the importance of corporate minutes and the benefits to your business of keeping good records.

Buying a Business: What You need to know?

Business Succession Planning

Information on methods to transition your business to your relatives, employees or others.

Business Entities – Which one is right for your Business ?

Practical advice on the different business structures for your small business.

Criminal Law

Search and Seizure FAQ

Drunk Driving, DUI & DWI FAQ

Defenses to Criminal Charges

Arrests and Interrogations FAQ

Estate Planning Articles

The Nuts & Bolts of Estate Planning

Basic information regarding wills, trusts and other estate planning issues

The Death Tax – What Effect Will the Election Have?

This article will highlight some basic information on The Death Tax.

Probate & Estate Administration

This article will highlight some basic information on the probate process.

Living Wills: What are They and Why Do I Need One

Information on living wills, healthcare powers of attorney and advance care directives.

Business Succession Planning

Information on methods to transition your business to your relatives, employees or others.

Family Law Articles

Mindful Co-parenting Guide: Helping Children Cope with Divorce

If you are currently undergoing – or anticipating – a divorce or separation, and feel worried about the welfare of your children, this guide will help.

Does Arizona Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Arizona does not recognize common law marriage in any form. As such, cohabitating in Arizona will not create any

presumption of marriage and cohabitating couples that are ending their relationship will not be able to use the

Arizona divorce/family law process to assist them with dividing property.

Parenting Time in Arizona During Covid-19

Most Recent Child Support Calculator (2018-2019)

On January 24, 2018, the Supreme Court adopted revisions to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines based in part on recent changes to state law increasing the minimum wage and new federal regulations. No updates or changes were made to the underlying Schedule of Basic Support Obligations. The 2018 child support guidelines are effective for all child support orders, whether original orders or modifications of previous orders, entered after March 31, 2018, except in cases of default or as otherwise agreed upon by the parties.

Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

During the holidays, it is important to create a parenting schedule that avoids conflict and works for both parents (and the children).

What You Need to Know About Divorce

Separate & Community Property during Marriage

Prenuptial Agreements Overview

Divorce Mediation FAQ

Cohabitation Rights & Responsibilities

Living Together and Loving It

Foreclosure/Short Sale Articles

Short Sales & Foreclosures

It is no surprise to everyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area that the real estate market is not what it once was.

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007

This article will highlight some basic information on Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.

Foreclosure FAQ

Personal Injury Articles

Car Accidents Caused by Negligence

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